It’s so pleasant to wake up in the morning and actually have eyebrows! Makes me feel like I look younger …
I love it! ~ Vickie Scott

So many people comment on my blue eyes now. I have always had blue eyes, but my no smudge, no run eyeliner now makes my eyes pop! ~ Tina Reay

What are Permanent Cosmetics?

Permanent Cosmetics, also known as Permanent Makeup, Intradermal Pigmentation or Micropigmentation is nothing new, we can trace some forms of the art back to ancient times. Women would rub sand on their skin to open it up then rub colored soil or minerals on their raw skin. Even Cleopatra had permanent cosmetics!  We have come a long ways…

Today we place natural pigments into the dermal layer of the skin using a sterile tool and topical anesthetics. I use a variety of methods and techniques based on each client’s skin and desired results.  I use a digital machine, a rotary machine, a coil machine, a hybrid tattoo pen and hand tools.  I also only use top of the line pigments and one time use disposable needles because my client’s health is one of my top priorities.

Reasons for Permanent Cosmetics

Some of the most popular reasons for having permanent cosmetics are:

Whatever the reason, permanent cosmetics are wonderful and effortless!

Your Safety

Unfortunately, Idaho does not oversee or regulate any tattoo procedure.  There are no health inspections or minimum training standards.  The consumer is responsible for their own safety.  Permanent Cosmetics or Permanent Makeup is a form of tattooing, it just happens to be on the face.    By definition, a tattoo is simply the placement of color in the dermal layer of the skin.  Medically speaking, a graphite mark from a pencil stab wound is considered a tattoo.  So tattooing is breaking the skin to insert color to create a desired design.  Breaking the skin certainly has health risks.  It is very important that your chosen technician has had current Blood Bourne Pathogen training and they follow the safety protocols set by the Occupational Safety & Health Administration, OSHA.

There is a huge trend in the Permanent Cosmetics industry right now.  Microblading, 3D Hairstrokes, Microstroking, Microfeathering, is all the same technique.  This method is and advanced technique using a hand tool to gently draw individual hairs to create a beautiful eyebrow.  The promise of making lots of money by performing Microbladed Eye Brows has many rushing to train in the technique.  Because Idaho has no minimum standards for tattooing, there are outside companies travelling to Idaho to teach a one or two day Microblading class.  These classes are sending many new technicians out into the market with minimal skills and experience.  These students are not getting the necessary training in color theory or skin anatomy that one would need to perform a successful and safe permanent eyebrow.  Many are also being taught to market the Microblading as a semi-permanent technique that is not a tattoo.  This is not true.  Microblading is a permanent tattoo.  The pigments are designed to fade so they age with the client but the pigment never leaves the skin.  If the pigment was only placed in the epidermis of the skin, it would be gone in roughly two weeks when the skin has done it’s natural exfoliating.

Sadly, I have seen some really bad work walk through my doors.  This work is performed by ill trained technicians that simply don’t know any better.  These clients often need correction work that is not cheap, nor fun.  Sometimes removal is their only option.  Please, if you are going to invest in Permanent Cosmetics, do your homework.  Find a technician that takes safety and training very seriously.  Ask to see photographs of that technicians own work.  Afterall, it is your face, and you only get one!