Kari at Effortless Beauty is awesome! I was apprehensive about pain, but it honestly did not hurt at all! Kari did a great job on my eyelash enhancement. I absolutely love it! I completely and wholeheartedly recommend Kari for permanent cosmetics! If you've been thinking about it, Kari at Effortless Beauty is the one to go to... do it... you will love it! ~ Dian

So many people comment on my blue eyes now. I have always had blue eyes, but my no smudge, no run eyeliner now makes my eyes pop! ~ Tina Reay

biography | Kari Cooper

Kari was born and raised in a small town in Idaho. She attended Boise State University and earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Elementary Education. She spent a year teaching school then decided that she would really enjoy working with the younger children. Kari started a daycare business and proudly helped to raise some fantastic young people. She was able to stay home with her own children while caring for other’s children. As the daycare kids and Kari’s own children grew up and went on to school, she began to think about what she wanted to be when she grew up… 

After 17 years of caring for children, Kari closed her daycare and decided to pursue a career that she had always wondered about. Kari always had a passion for skin and the art of makeup. Because of allergies she had her permanent eyeliner applied in 2000 and absolutely loved how it changed her daily routine. Before Kari would carefully apply her eyeliner only to spend the day rubbing and scratching her eyes until she no longer had eyeliner but dark circles under her eyes because she had smudged all of the makeup to her face. Kari decided that helping other women with their makeup struggles would not only be fun but rewarding.

Kari researched and researched for the best training available. After speaking with the talented local woman, Kris, that had applied Kari’s eyeliner so many years ago, she decided to go back to school and learn the art of permanent cosmetics. Kris encouraged Kari and helped her decide on the school that Kris had attended in Southern California. Kari enrolled at The Huntington Beach Academy of Permanent Cosmetics and trained one-on-one with Master Instructor Karen Holvey. This fundamental training provided Kari with a very strong foundation.  She has not stopped training!  Kari really enjoys learning to improve her skills.  Kari belongs to a professional organization, The Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals, that promotes further education and is certified through the SPCP.  This certification is optional but Kari felt that her clients would appreciate her going the extra mile to become a Certified Permanent Cosmetics Professional, CPCP.  Kari uses a variety of methods and tools because her clients are all different.  “Cookie cutters” do not work on humans, so Kari will choose the best method or tool according to her client’s skin and desires.  Kari could have taken shortcuts when choosing her education and equipment but she wanted to provide her clients with the absolute best that she could offer. This is very important to Kari because after all, this is her client’s face and they only get one!

There are some health risks that are associated with permanent cosmetics and even though it is not required, Kari made sure to take Blood Bourne Pathogen courses. She is certified through OSHA. Kari also only uses the very best topicals, pigments and one time use disposable needles because her client’s health is one of her top priorities.

Kari absolutely LOVES the art of Permanent Cosmetics. She really enjoys making people feel better about their appearance which also contributes to their overall happiness. Kari feels so good when she can send someone out the door with an excited smile on their face. It would be Kari’s pleasure to speak with you about placing one of those smiles on your face!


·         OSHA Certified in Blood Bourne Pathogens.

·         Fully insured.

·         Trained one-on-one by an internationally known expert in Permanent Cosmetics.

·         Continues to train in advanced techniques.

·         Holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Boise State University.

·         Member of the Society of Permanent Cosmetics Professionals, SPCP.

·         Certified Permanent Cosmetics Professional, CPCP.

·         Preferred Member of the Better Business Bureau, BBB.


Kari continues to take advanced training classes.  She has trained with top Permanent Makeup and Tattoo Professionals.  Some of those courses include:

Color Theory & Color Retention, Advanced Hairstroke Eyebrows, Advanced Shaded or Powdered Eyebrows, Medical Microneedling, Tattoo Removal, Stretching Techniques for Advanced Eyeliner, Traditional Tattoo Techniques for the Permanent Makeup Artist and 3D Areola Restoration Tattooing